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Not only do we offer Lasertag at our venue but we are mobile and can setup at a venue of your choice. It can be at home your office practically anywhere, all you would need to have is an area that has obstacles to hide behind, this can be natural or man-made obstacles and even your office desks. Get in touch below to find out more info.

About Lasertag

The fundamentals of laser tag are very similar to paintball or airsoft- minus the pain! We’ll demonstrate exactly how the laser tag guns work, and be more than happy to answer questions and assist in any way possible. Our laser tag system is manufactured by ICombat. They manufacture some of the finest and toughest laser tag equipment in the world. The preferred platform of police and military simulation and training.


The laser tag guns we use are a self-contained unit, meaning neither vest or headband is needed to register a hit, which limits the contact of equipment between groups and all covid protocols are followed at all times.
The sensor that registers the hits are located on the actual gun itself, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable play experience.

When the round begins, players will move into position, and a countdown will be shown letting players know when the game will start

During the game, this screen on your gun will let you know everything you need to see how you are doing.

And the gun will also let you know when and who tagged you.

Bookings are essential and all sessions are 2 hours.

Please note we do accommodate multiple groups in a session, each group receives their own picnic table and their own fields to play on, if you require more than one table for your group you will need to provide your own.

Please note that group sizes are a minimum of 4 and maximum of 20. Should your group be larger or smaller please contact us below and we will accommodate you accordingly.

Please give us a call on 0741721309 for bookings with less than 24 hours notice.

Need to get in touch?

Please note that bookings can only be made online through the website. The enquiry form below and number provided are for general queries only. Call on 0741721309

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Equipment FAQ's

-How well do the laser tag guns work in sunlight?
Perfectly, there are no issues with shooting in full direct sunlight. The system works just as well at night time.

Do you need a vest?
No, the signal receiver is located on each player’s gun.

Is the laser visible?
No, the laser is invisible. The laser tag gun utilizes the same sort of beam a traditional remote control does (an infrared beam).

Tell me more about the equipment…
Each player has their own numbered laser tag gun. Players simply move around the obstacles and tag their enemies by aiming at the sensors on their guns.

Game play FAQ's

How long are games?
The whole booking is 2 hours long and games range from 15-20 minutes long, with breaks between games. We have 3 different playing arenas available and groups can choose where they would like to play.

-How do you know what is going on in the game?
The screen on the receiver of the gun will let you know exactly how you are doing.

-Can players play in teams?
Yes, we recommend groups divide into 2 teams and we have various different game scenarios that groups can play. We can accommodate a maximum of 30 players at a time.

-How do you know who wins?
The game report at the end of the round, where we will announce which team won and who was the best ‘shooter’ who hit the most people.

How can you tell teams apart?
Coloured arm bands are provided to differentiate between teams.

-Can players re-spawn during a round once they have been shot?
Yes, all of our games have a re-spawn option, where players get additional lives once they are shot and can go back to base to start again.

General FAQ's

-Where can laser tag be played?

Not only do we offer Lasertag at our venue but we are mobile and can setup at a venue of your choice. It can be at home your office practically anywhere, all you would need to have is an area that has obstacles to hide behind, this can be natural or man-made obstacles and even your office desks. 

-What age range is appropriate for laser tag?
We can accommodate ages from 5 years old and up for laser tag. Game types can be varied in difficulty to suit a wide age range from kids to adults. 

-What type of events are suitable for laser tag?

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • School fetes
  • Teambuilding
  • Church events


-What should we wear?
Closed toed shoes and comfortable active clothing suitable for running around are recommended.

Game Scenarios

Seek & Destroy
Two teams hunt each other. Each player has a number of lives and they leave the playing area once their lives are used up. They return to base each time they are hit.
President & Assasins
Each team elects a president, who is still able to shoot as a regular team member. The aim is to get your team’s president into the enemy’s base alive. The president’s arms and legs don’t count as hits. If he is hit on his head or body, either: 1) he returns to base and tries again, or 2) the game is declared over as the president has been assasinated.
20% of the players are sent into the playing area as predators. After time is given to them to hide, the balance of players are allowed into the playing area. Anyone hit by a predator joins the predators’ team. Once a predator, always a predator. If a predator is hit they raise their marker and run and hide to fight again. The game ends when all players are predators.
Attack & Defend
Option 1
One team defends and the other team attacks. The defending team cannot move more than roughly 20m from their base area. If a player is hit, they leave the field for 2 minutes. The attacking team must grab the flag from the defenders’ base. If an attacker is hit, they return to their base.

Option 2
Defending team same as above. Attacking team gets two flags. To win they must place a flag in the defenders’ base. Regular flag rule applies: if an attacker is hit, they drop the flag, and the defenders are able to steal it. If the attackers run out of flags, defenders win. Game must have a time limit.

Capture the flag
Option 1
Get to the enemy base and capture the flag. Game over.

Option 2
Get to the enemy base, grab the flag and get it back to your base alive. If you are hit, drop the flag on the spot. Either team can pick it up again. You must have your flag and the enemy’s flag at your base in order to win.