All the below scenarios can be adapted and enhanced according to game venues.

Two teams hunt each other. Each player has a number of lives and they leave the playing area once their lives are used up. They return to base each time they are hit.

Option 1

Get to the enemy base and capture the flag. Game over.

Option 2

Get to the enemy base, grab the flag and get it back to your base alive. If you are hit, drop the flag on the spot. Either team can pick it up again. You must have your flag and the enemy’s flag at your base in order to win.

Option 1

One team defends and the other team attacks. The defending team cannot move more than roughly 20m from their base area. If a player is hit, they leave the field for 2 minutes. The attacking team must grab the flag from the defenders’ base. If an attacker is hit, they return to their base.

Option 2

Defending team same as above. Attacking team gets two flags. To win they must place a flag in the defenders’ base. Regular flag rule applies: if an attacker is hit, they drop the flag, and the defenders are able to steal it. If the attackers run out of flags, defenders win. Game must have a time limit.

Each team elects a president, who is still able to shoot as a regular team member. The aim is to get your team’s president into the enemy’s base alive. The president’s arms and legs don’t count as hits. If he is hit on his head or body, either: 1) he returns to base and tries again, or 2) the game is declared over as the president has been assasinated.

20% of the players are sent into the playing area as predators. After time is given to them to hide, the balance of players are allowed into the playing area. Anyone hit by a predator joins the predators’ team. Once a predator, always a predator. If a predator is hit they raise their marker and run and hide to fight again. The game ends when all players are predators.


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